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Handel's Messiah as you've never seen it before!


Handel's Messiah as you've never seen it before.


This unique multimedia presentation weaves together the gorgeous music from the "Christmas" portion of Handel's Messiah, more than 170 beautiful works of art from the 15th to the 20th centuries, and inspiring commentary that ties the music and art together.  This is no mere "illustrated" Messiah.  Instead, we combine visual art with the music in a way that enables you to experience both more deeply than would be possible if they were separate.



The Art to Heart Messiah premiered December 14 and 15, 2003, in two sold-out* performances.  People came more than 800 miles to be present. 


Since then, churches have presented the Art to Heart Messiah to audiences across America and even across the globe.  If you'd like to see the Art to Heart Messiah, have the leader of any appropriate church or community performance group take a look at the preview video.

  Handel's Messiah as you've never seen it before.


It's Handel's Messiah as you've never SEEN it before!So, is the Art to Heart Messiah really as good as it sounds?


Why not read about it in the words of those who have seen it?









Worship and Music Leaders:


If you'd like to consider a performance of the Art to Heart Messiah at your church or other location next Christmas, you can download a free preview video.  It's a ten-minute  sampling of moments from the Art to Heart Messiah that will give you an idea of just what a unique and powerful production it is. 



The Art to Heart Messiah features the works of these artists:
John James Audubon   Edgar Degas   Michelangelo   Pieter Saenredam
Fra Bartolommeo   Piero della Francesca   John Everett Millais   John Singer Sargent
Albert Bierstadt   Giorgione   Jean-Francois Millet   Puccio di Simone
William Blake   Vincent van Gogh   Claude Monet   Jan Steen
Sandro Botticelli   El Greco   Edvard Munch   Henry Ossawa Tanner
Constantin Brancusi   Jan de Heem   Bartolomé Esteban Murillo   Giambattista Tiepolo
Jules Breton   Winslow Homer   Perugino   Louis Comfort Tiffany
Caravaggio   Jan van Huysum   Pablo Picasso   Georges de la Tour
Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux   Frantisek Kupka   Nicolas Poussin   J.M.W. Turner
Mary Cassatt   Dorothea Lange   Raphael   Diego Velázquez
George Catlin   Frederic, Lord Leighton   Odilon Redon   Johannes Vermeer
Frederic Edwin Church   Lorenzo Lotto   Rembrandt   Leonardo da Vinci
Cimabue   Nicolaes Maes   Auguste Renoir   Andrew Wyeth
Aelbert Cuyp   Marino Marini   Peter Paul Rubens   Francisco de Zurbaran
... and 30 more!



If this page is the first you've visited on our site, you may also wish to know that we offer downloadable art-based worship resources to enrich your worship services,  live presentations by Christian speaker Jeff Dugan, as well as uniquely inspirational Christian travel opportunities featuring art museum visits.  Or you can explore the site in depth using the menu at the left.


* (tickets were free, but were required to avoid overcrowding)


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