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Michelangelo Creation of Adam Sistine Chapel ceiling
A new way to look at art... a new way to see God. 


The spiritual power of music is well known.  The mission of Art to Heart is to reveal the power of visual art - to inspire us; to direct our focus heavenward; to initiate an encounter with God.

Check out a few devotionals that demonstrate the inspirational power of visual art.

These invocations, benedictions, etc. are elements of a worship service that you can use to add meaning and impact to your worship service or other event.

These are more in-depth, live presentations that use great art to inspire your audience.

Come with us on a guided museum tour, or a group tour to visit the great art museums in Europe.  Let us show you what it's like to experience great art in person.

If both art and music can be vehicles for Gods' inspiration, imagine what happens when music and art are combined.  Experience Handel's Messiah in a whole new way.

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