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Here's a list of few sample devotional thoughts that demonstrate how, properly understood, great art can bring us closer to God.  Click on the image to go to the devotional.

Do you sometimes despair that God doesn't really care about your problems?  One of Vincent van Gogh's greatest masterpieces speaks to that concern

An old woman, an old painting, and an old artist:  three stories of redemption.

What does a Degas Ballerina have to do with Christmas?


VIncent van Gogh: Starry Night
Paul Cezanne: Old Woman with a Rosary
Edgar Degas: The Star or L'Etoile Christmas devotional

Two paintings, one hope.

A devotional especially for artists.

Winslow Homer: Boys in a Pasture bereavement devotional
Rembrandt: Self Portrait bereavement devotional
Vincent van Gogh Wheatfield with Cypresses
Vincent van Gogh Irises
Vincent van Gogh Starry Night on the Rhone
Vincent van Gogh: Red Vineyard
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