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Tour options for meeting planners

Planning a meeting or convention in a city with a great art museum?  Why not enrich your participants' experience with an Art to Heart Excursion.

We'll take interested participants on a guided tour of an art museum in the city where you're having your meeting.  The tour will feature a view of art that teaches about the art, but focuses on inspiring insights into eternal truths.  No other art museum tour offers such a meaningful experience for Christians.


An Art to Heart Excursion is especially appropriate as an elective activity during unprogrammed time, or as an offering for family members accompanying active participants in your meeting or convention.  If you'd like, we can also provide an Art to Heart Talk at your meeting in combination with an excursion to the museum.


After all, why go to the trouble and expense of having your meeting in a big city if your participants don't get a chance to experience some of the good things the city has to offer?

Inspiring Christian tours of art museums for meeting planners
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