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The Art to Heart Messiah

Handel's Messiah as you've never seen it!

Handel's Messiah with art
Messiah by Handel - inspiring art

This unique multimedia presentation weaves together the gorgeous music from the "Christmas" portion of Handel's Messiah, more than 170 beautiful works of art from the 15th to the 20th centuries, and inspiring commentary that ties the music and art together.  This is no mere "illustrated" Messiah.  Instead, we combine visual art with the music in a way that enables you to experience both more deeply than would be possible if they were separate.

The Art to Heart Messiah premiered December 14 and 15, 2003, in two "sold-out" performances.  People came more than 800 miles to be present. Since then, churches have presented the Art to Heart Messiah to audiences across America and even across the globe.  If you'd like to see the Art to Heart Messiah, have the leader of any appropriate church or community performance group take a look at the preview video.

So, is the Art to Heart Messiah really as good as it sounds?


Here are some impressions from those who have seen it:


Art to Heart Messiah by Handel reviews

"It spoke to me in ways I've never been touched before.  I wish everyone could see it and hear it." -- Joyce Gray


"We have visited the Kennedy Center a number of times... and this rivals what they do there.  It's so professional." -- Bill McCollum


"I drove from Knoxville, Tennessee, and it was well worth the drive.  I recommend it to anyone who would like to worship through art and music."  -- Barb Johnson (H.S. art teacher)


"I have just experienced a wonderful evening of music and art.  The art was so perfect along with the music, that I was overwhelmed.  I'll never forget it!" -- Anita Crawford

"This is the most wonderful Christmas gift that could ever have been given by a church.  Not only a Christmas gift for the season, but a gift to last throughout the year.  It was so moving.  It's wonderful!  It's wonderful!" -- Rowena Bailey


"It was a beautiful worship experience...something I've never experienced before.  The choir... the art... the narration... the orchestra... It was beautiful, and we'd like for all the world to see it and hear it." -- Polly Price


"This was such a powerful and inspiring performance!  God has certainly been honored and glorified and praised by this performance tonight, and I really think that only He could inspire the beauty that we saw and heard tonight." -- Jane Murphy


"It's so exciting, not only to do Messiah, but to have the wonderful art and narration with it.  The response from the congregation and the response from the choir was really fantastic.  I'm positive that the meaning was deeply enhanced by this program.  It was a joy to do it!" -- Tony Martin (Minister of Music, Central Baptist Church, Johnson City, TN, where the Art to Heart Messiah was first performed)

Interested?  Send us an email to request details.
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