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When you use an Art to Heart worship resource in your worship service, people are often surprised by the inspirational power of visual art.  And when people are surprised, the impact of the message is multiplied.  Each of these worship resources includes an image or series of images that is projected while the accompanying text is read.  There's ample room left in each one to allow you to tailor it to your specific worship style or to address a specific issue.  Below is a selection of samples:

Art to Heart worship resources call to worship invocation benediction

Worship Resources

Sample Worship Resources

Titian Madonna and Child with St. John the Baptist and a Female Saint
Nicolaes Maes Old Woman Praying

Titian:  Madonna and Child with St. John

              the Baptist and a Female Saint

Nicolaes Maes: 

Old Woman Praying

Michelangelo:  The Creation of Adam from

                           the Sistine Chapel ceiling

Ferdinand Bol: 

Self Portrait

Vincent van Gogh:


Mary Cassatt: 

Mother About to Wash her

Sleepy Child

Wijnand Nuyen:  Shipwreck on a Rocky Coast

Claude Monet: 

Japanese Bridge

There are many more worship resources to choose from, available for your use for $12.95 each (volume discounts available).  We're working on direct purchase and download functionality, but until that's running, if you would like to use any of these  resources, just send an email and we'll work with you to get you what you need. 


Below are three different ways to search the whole list to see if there's something that could be appropriate for your needs.

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