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Art museum tours for Christian inspiration

Art to Heart Tours


... is believing!

"The pictures just don't do it justice!"


You hear that a lot.  It's especially true of great art.  The images on this web site provide only a portion of the experience of standing in front of an original masterpiece in a museum.  Why not join an Art to Heart tour and see for yourself?


We offer guided tours in most of the world's major art museums, primarily in the U.S. and Europe.  In the U.S., we can come to your city to lead a tour, or we can provide museum tours as an activity in conjunction with a meeting you're planning, for instance.   In the U.S. or Europe, we can also put together multi-city journeys that feature sightseeing, shopping, dining, and of course a good look at the world's most outstanding art. 


In every Art to Heart museum tour, we'll tell you all about the important stylistic and historical developments as well as little-known facets of the artists' lives.  But unlike any other art museum tour available, Art to Heart tours focus on the spiritual truths that have been locked away in paintings and sculptures for centuries.  What personal message has God prepared just for your visit? 


Tours are can be organized in these cities:

U.S. cities

European cities





Dallas / Fort Worth


Los Angeles


New York




Raleigh, NC


San Francisco


Washington, D.C.

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Berlin, Germany


Florence, Italy


London, England


Madrid, Spain


Munich, Germany


Paris, France


Rome, Italy


Venice, Italy

Christian travel featuring inspiring art museum tours
Christian inspiration in guided art museum tours - christian travel
Christian travel tours featuring inspiring tours of art museums

See for yourself - join a tour!

Send us an email and let us know where you'd like to go for an Art to Heart tour.  If we can't add you to an existing tour, we'll let you know the next time we offer a tour in your desired destination(s).

...or organize a tour for your group!

If you'd like to take a group on the road, or if you're organizing an event and want to add an Art to Heart tour at your destination, check out the specialized considerations below:

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