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Tour options for church staff

Lead a group on an Art to Heart tour, and you may be able to go for free!

Christian travel tours to London inspiring art museum tours

Now a European vacation can be a spiritual journey as well.  And if you can recruit a group (usually ten to twenty) to go with you, your trip is usually free!


Travel agencies have offered deals like this to pastors for Holy Land travel in the past, but we are able to be of even more help to you than most tour organizers because we can offer:

Art to Heart worship resources

Click the link above to learn about our pre-packaged worship resources (calls to worship, benedictions, etc.), that use art to enhance congregational participation in worship services.  As they enhance your worship, these materials can simultaneously build enthusiasm among your congregation for the inspirational power of great visual art.  An especially interesting possibility is a performance of the Art to Heart™ Messiah.  Click on the link to learn more.

Art to Heart talks

We can deliver inspiring live presentations that use the expressive power of great art to drive home Biblical truths in a uniquely effective and memorable way.  If you're planning to host a tour, we'd be happy to set up a table-top display at a reception before and/or after the presentation, where we can promote your tour.

 A promotional page on this web site

When you sign up to host a tour, we'll add a page like this one to promote your tour to the thousands of visitors to this site every month.

Pre-recruited participants

We can even help you with recruitment of participants.  If you desire, we can put you in contact with individuals from across the U.S. (or even across the world) who have indicated interest in going on an Art to Heart tour.

Compelling, customized itineraries

We can work closely with you to help you design a trip customized for the features and locations you value most, if you want to vary in any way from off-the-shelf trips.  Consider, for instance:

A "Footsteps of Paul" tour

that includes Art to Heart tours of museums in Rome, or


A "Footsteps of Luther" tour

with Art to Heart museum tours in Berlin, Munich, and possibly Vienna or Rome, or


An Advent/Christmas tour

featuring the charm of German Christmas markets, snow-capped Alps, and Art to Heart tours in Munich and Vienna,


and of course, it's not too early to reserve your

Art to Heart Oberammergau Passion Play tour!

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